US Flags that are not Red, White, and Blue

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Flag Discussion' started by Scotthm, Sep 3, 2018.

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    Greetings, Scotthm, and welcome to the USA-Flag-Site forums.

    The following is my own personal opinion.

    First of all, "everyone" did NOT "lose their minds/stuff" (one way or the other) over either Flag.

    I think that in both cases the two (or 3 +1) "new" Flags are artistic representations based on the U.S. Flag and are NOT meant to be mistaken for a U.S. Flag. As artist representations, they are protected by the "freedom of speech" provisions of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It is worth remembering that The Constitution & its Amendments "out-rank", "supersede", and "trump" the U.S. Flag. Every Time.

    In the cases of the "Thin Blue Line", the "Thin Red Line", and the "Thin Blue & Red Line" Flags, all three Flags are basically stark Black & White representations of a U.S. Flag with the ONLY color in them being the Red, or Blue, or Red & Blue as the 8th Stripe down (or as the first long stripe under the star-filled canton). It is that color which makes those Flags "stand out" as being different, just like they did in this paragraph.

    In the case of the multi-colored "LGBQ, etc." Flag, although based on the general constructive details of the U.S. Flag, it clearly is not one. Instead of 13 Stripes, alternating Red & White, it has only 6 stripes, each of a different color. Those stripes are "borrowed" from the "Gay Pride" Flag, which currently consists of 6 multi-colored stripes. I believe that the "Gay Pride" Flag originally was an 8-striped Flag, which became a 7-striped Flag, and, finally, a 6-striped Flag. BTW: The United States is NOT the only country that has a gay pride rendition (or adaptation) of its National Flag.

    As I wrote at the beginning of this comment, these are my own personal opinions. I do my best to form opinions that are mostly based on facts rather than on other people's opinions. Facts are facts. I believe that while we're all entitled to our own opinions, we are not entitled to our own facts.

    Thank You for bringing your "curiosity" to our forums!

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    OMG. just delete my account.
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    What's the matter, Scott?
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    An explanation for those who may be wondering . . .

    New member Scotthm started this thread @ 9:54 AM (PDT) about being curious why people lost their minds over a "Gay Pride" rendition of the U.S. Flag, but did NOT lose their minds over a "Thin Blue Line" rendition of the U.S. Flag. He included a four-panel meme on the subject. After my reply @ 12:45 PM (PDT), Scott came back and replied @ 1:21 PM (PDT) "OMG. just delete my account.". Then @ 1:22 PM (PDT), Scott "edited" his initial thread-starter so that it read only as : "OMG".

    I hope that explains it.

    Maybe... Scott read something that didn't agree with his opinion?

    Oh, Well . . .


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    I don't get it I don't have a problem with either Thin Blue Line or Thin Red Line flag. Or quite honestly the LGBT flag, or for that matter artistic impressions of the American flag. I don't necessarily agree with them but if that's what you want to do that's okay with me. A lot of men and women died to give you the right to do whatever you want.

    I miss the initial post so I don't see what it says but I don't get it. Is it that big of a deal?

    In reality if you're flying any flag you're probably doing better than 75% of your community.
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    Hi, Mike!

    Sorry, but Scotthm edited his initial posting by deleting everything, including the meme, then adding in "OMG'.

    I'm guessing that he was somewhat surprised that I didn't fully agree with him. BTW: Scott said (paraphrasing here) that he's against the LGBT U.S. Flag, but that he supports the police "Thin Blue Line" U.S. Flag, and presumably the firefighters' "Thin Red Line" U.S. Flag. His meme pretty much showed the same thing, but not necessarily in a "good" way. Just my opinion, of course.

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    I have a neighbor who flies a 13 star flag and beside it a silver and black flag. What does it mean?
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