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    I have a large 8' by 5' blue field with 48 star flag. Feels like cotton or cotton/wool and appears designed to be flown and not just decorative. Any body know what this could be? It does not appear to be cut from an even larger American flag.
    Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Hey

    You have a United States Union Jack made 1912-1958. A Union Jack is a special flag for flying at the bow of a ship, as opposed to the national ensign which is flown from the stern.

    Here is a US Union Jack from 1896-1908:
    45 Star Union Jack New York Navy Yard | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    And here is one dated 1944:
    48 Star Union Jack flag with painted stars Mare Island 1944 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The US and the United Kingdom use the same "Union Jack" terminology for the upper left corner of our ensigns. The UK has 3 ensigns, the White Ensign is for the Royal Navy, the Blue Ensign is for civil government ships, and the red ensign is for commercial shipping.

    In the USA, the American Flag is our national ensign for all three purposes.

    The canton of those ensigns symbolizes the Union of 3 kingdoms (England, Scotland, and Wales) of the United Kingdom, or the 48 (now 50) states of the USA.

    Whereas Union Jacks are flown at the bow of ships in both the US and UK. the Union Jack is also Great Britain's National Flag on land. (It is strictly forbidden for anyone other than the Royal Navy to fly the Union Jack at sea.)

    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland

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