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  1. EmailPoster

    EmailPoster New Member

    I have a usa flag that has 48 stars on it i beleive it is over 35 years...
  2. WhitneyJH

    WhitneyJH Guest

    It is hard to assess the value of a flag simply by knowing how many stars it contains. Many people feel that the value of the flag is in its patriotism or its emotional significance to them, which is obviously something without any kind of monetary value.

    If you are interested in determining how much flag or antique collectors would be willing to pay for the flag, you will have to take into account a number of factors, including its precise age, condition, history, and manufacturing information,as well as non-flag related factors such as market activity.

    You may want to get your flag appraised by a professional. You can visit a local antique dealer for more information. Alternatively, Dave Martucci is an individual who professional appraises antique flags - his fees range from $25 for a written assessment to over $100 for a professional, in-person appraisal. His website and appraisal information can be found at

    Flag Assessment and Appraisal Services

    Good luck - and remember, no matter how much it might be worth on the market, your flag has emotional and patriotic value.
  3. gewill

    gewill New Member

    Ihave a 48 star flag with a serial number. How can I find out it's origin and possible value?
  4. NAVA1974

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    I have been collecting flags for nearly 40 years and have never heard of a flag with a serial number. Can you tell us more? What is the size of the flag? Is it cotton, wool, silk, rayon? Is it fringed or an outdoor flag? Where is the serial number? Is it printed, stenciled, handwritten? Is there any other paperwork associated with this flag?

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