Usa flags and the history of the flags

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    Hello i would...
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    Hi sheila,
    I can give you a bit of the history of the flag. No one is sure who the designer of the flag really was. In 1777 the first flag act was passed. The flag would consist of 13 stripes of red and blue and 13 stars on blue background. These represented the original 13 colonies.
    In 1794 a new act provided for 15 stripes and 15 stars on the flag.
    In 1818 an new act reverted the flag back to 13 stripes and 1 star for each state.
    in 1912 proportions for the flag were established and the arrangement of the stars was provided for. Before this there were no provisions and although most mounted the stars in rows you could find flags with stars put on in other patterns.

    The number of stars changed as states were added.

    the colors have meaning also. the Red stands for courage, white stands for purity and blue stands for loyalty and vigilance.

    there are some very good sites on flag history. Go to a search engine such as and type in American flag. It will give you many sites to choose from.
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    Re: Usa flags and the hostory of the flags

    can someone tell me the history of the military flagpole. My uncle has a company that makes them for the military and has done so since 1972. he is interested when the first plagpole was used by the military. thnaks
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    Re: Usa flags and the hostory of the flags

    I have a leather fireman's bucket with a flag that has a painting of 7 stripes and seven stars. It is very old. ( at least a couple of hundred yrs ) I am wondering if anyone would know why there is such a painting like this on a bucket used to put out fires
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    Re: Usa flags and the hostory of the flags

    hello do you guys know who designed the 50 star flag? I do
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    yes - easy - its Robert Heft - he did it as a school project,
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    Re: Usa flags and the hostory of the flags

    Actually, there is some controversy about this. Officially, the 50-star flag was designed by the US Army Institute of Heraldry (or technically, the Heraldic Section of the Office of the Quartermaster General, which was the predecessor of the USAIH.) Many designs, including Mr. Heft's, were submitted by the public, but there was no formal "contest." I believe that several of the submitted designs had the same pattern as Mr. Heft's. It's not surprising that many were the same, because there are only so many ways to arrange 50 stars in a regular rectangular grid.

    The original designs submitted by the public for the 50-star flag are at the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Kansas. As far as I know, they have never been analyzed or published. Here's a great research project for an aspiring vexillologist!

    Peter Ansoff
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    Too bad I don't live in the USA....
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    Re: Usa flags and the hostory of the flags


    I'm a boy called Alexandre. I live in Brazil and study English language. My teacher requirered us to perform a work about something upon the U.S.A culture so I decided to present the United States flag history.
    Could you give any tip about where or how I can find it, please?
    My e-mail is:
    I don't have any friend from a foreign country who I could type with so I also would be happy for receiving your reply.

    Thank you. All the best.

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