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    From the age of 11+12 I used to adore America, it was my dream for many years to travel it in a de-commisioned fedex chevy p30 (1988) but te dreams died slowly. I still might do it, but from the age of 15/16 when Neil Youngs (Living with War) album was realeased, I learnt about what the states COULD be like. Now at the age of 17 I'm starting to hate the place.
    • The food is pretty average (not a reason of hate just a banter)
    • The build quality of items is either great or TERRIBLE (ditto)
    • You bomb innocent countries for oil and come out with "War on Terror" garbage (That was Bush I know, your not to blame as a nation)
    • A lot of Americans are very arrogant
    • Many other reasons but mostly political
    Generally the cause of the countries decline is politics and MONEY, capitalism and greed.

    The country is a ticking time bomb, its in major trouble and I honestly dont know who can save it, but that dumb, arrogant preisdent (Bush) will cause its demise. He is the worst president youve ever had
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  2. i wonder if anybody can slate the USA - WITHOUT bringing President Bush or the government into it at all??

    it sickens me that people say they hate the United States - but always have to give political reasons for it!

    the vast majority of Americans are not in polotics! what about them?

    i am becoming increasingly upset by the attitude of my felllow Britons towards the United States
    the media is full of crap for a start - for more than 2o years they have been trying to disrupt the relationshp between out 2 countries - long before Mr Bush - by pubishing stories that are only half true - that have been twisted to make a 'more interesting' read
    this actualy goes for most things - not just about the States
    i wish our media were more honest
    are the british media better than that of the United States? - who keep their citizens mostly in the dark and choose not to tell them much at all

    is it better than to be kept in the dark than to be lied to? which is more damaging to international relations?

    these critics of the United States cant seem to come up with much outside of the polotical and monetary side of it
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    The percentage of Americans who approve of Bush's performance is currently smaller than the percentage of Americans who believe that we are being visited by space aliens.
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    LOL sounds about right! Their a very supersitcious bunch, last time i visited the states we flew on Friday the 13th as the tickets were reasonably priced
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    I think you misunderstand me.

    The statistic is accurate (the lowest estimate of belief in UFO's is higher than the highest estimate of support for Bush) and I mentioned it in order to point out that Bush supporters are, at this point, very much a loony fringe group.

    Do not make the mistake of assuming that Bush represents America. He most definitely does not. The overwhelming majority of Americans think he is terrible.

    P.S. you misspelled "superstitious."
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    Oh well (mispelling), Yeah I know the support for Bush is pretty low now. Theres just so many other problems with America, not just Bush.

    It didnt become the most hated nation in the world just because of Bush.
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    I do love America! Any way let' move on, I'm here coz I'm looking for a thread concerning on sew in labels Midwest. Thanks!

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