USS Arizona Memorial, two American flags?

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by VaDave, Mar 29, 2012.

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    While visiting Hawaii a friend at work took a photo of the American flag flying above the U.S.S. Arizona memorial which he proudly uses as his background on his work computer. Upon close inspection of the photo I noticed that there are two American flags flying together on the one pole. The larger American flag flying at full mast plus a smaller (perhaps 3x5) American flag that is flying centered together with the larger flag. I can't find any photos with this situation or anything online explaining this. My only thought is it could be a ceremonial flag that was flown above the Arizona Memorial that was destined to be presented at a Pearl Harbor survivior's funeral? Anyone know it's purpose?
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    Hmm Google no help on the topic...
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    Then again.... The very first google entry when I searched for:
    "uss arizona memorial" flag
    was this: Official USS Arizona Memorial Flags | Pearl Harbor | Official Bookstore
    Clearly flags to meet these orders are frequenly flown over the memorial, and since very few people need one of the huge flags that flies over the memorial 24/7, smaller flags are run up a second halyard for a moment, lowered, folded, boxed, and shipped with a certificate. [Very similar to flags flown over the US Capitol (except the Arizona flags profit goes to support the parks, whereas the Capitol flags are sold at cost (plus flying/shipping.)]
    Nick A
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    Good job NAVA74, you obviously used a better word combination than my buddy and I when you googled it because we couldn't find it. I purchased a flag for my father-in-law (Ret. US Army Colonel) that was flown over the US Capitol on his birthday. I ordered it through my congressman's website. It's a great gift idea and the price is surprisingly inexpensive. Thanks and have a great day!
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    I wonder what that USS Arizona Flag photo looks like?

    (hint, hint...)

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
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