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  1. Lawraangel

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    Hello, I have a single star for a flag that once was on the USS Maine battleship. While the main flag is currently in the Naval Musuem located in Norfolk, Va..I can't seem to "piece together" this star with its flag! Any help?! Thank you!!!
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    Hi, Lawraangel -- welcome to the forum! I've taken the liberty of moving your post to the "Flag Identification and Collecting" section, since it's likely to be more visible there.

    What sort of background information do you have about your star? The Navy had two battleships named Maine. The "famous" one that blew up in Havana was in the fleet for around 8 years, and the second one (BB-10) was in commission for almost 20, so both of them carried a number of flags during their careers.

    Peter Ansoff
  3. Lawraangel

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    Hello Peter! This star is from the USS Maine that was in Havana. My son's grandfather had given it to me along with a few various pictures of the old naval ships. When I recieved the star it was given to me tucked in an envelope with the date in which it was taken off of the ship. While I am not an expert on such -It appears to have been hand made from wool like material and the star itself is tan (off white) and is sewed onto a blue canvas like material. I suppose I could attach a picture here on the website?
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    Hellow Lawraangel,
    I am from the Hampton Roads area and I have done a bit of research on the flag which the Naval Museum holds in downtown Norfolk. Their flag is actually a large 43 star naval jack. I have taken several photos of that flag and it appears to be entirely intact so I doubt your star is from the same flag. Also this flag was was probably not flying on the night of the explosion. There were eyewitness saying a 45 star jack was flying that night. So probably the star came from one of the other naval ensigns. How large is your star? Please post a picture if you can.

    Here is an article and a poor photo on it:
    One of the Jacks from U.S.S. Maine Resurfaces | North American Vexillological Association / Association nord-américaine de vexillologie

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