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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Bizio, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Bizio

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    I am Bizio, I am Italian living in Milan. I just registered here and first of any doing I would like to say Hi to all members and staff here.

    I went yesterday to Militalia, a military fair in Novegro, a small village close Milan, and I bought an American Flag.
    It has 48 sewn stars and its brand is Valley Forge Flag Co. It's size is 5' x 9' 1/2 and on the right end it brings a stamped date 1942.
    The flag seems to be in cotton or maybe wool. Has no holes, no tears, no rayings and it has only some yellow spots due to humidity, but I think it is preserved in very good conditions.
    I payed it €85, about $110

    I have a question please. Do you think the date 1942 stamped might be a fake or in the past there was the use to print a year over the flag ?
    Any information about this flag is very appreciated.
    Thank you so much anticipately.

    Here is a picture of the flag ...

  2. Bizio

    Bizio New Member

    Some more pictures ...



  3. csaanv

    csaanv Member

    Hello Bizio and welcome! Great flag and in such good shape! I saw that you read my earlier post concerning these casket flags so I will not go over that again. Your flag is indeed made of cotton as I can tell by the weave of the white stripe. I have never seen a VF flag with a stamp of the year it was made. It is probably authentic in my humble opinion. I wouldn't see much benefit to fake a date on these flags as they are still pretty common and easy to buy here in the states. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  4. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Well, that size is a pretty common size for flags as that is the standard burial size used at military funerals (and then given to the fallen soldiers next of kin at the conclusion of the funeral).

    I have a couple 48 star valley forge flags. The header marking if the manufacturer name and the dimensions look correct. But mine don't have a year stamped on them. We had commented before that we wish they did do that as it would make dating old flags a lot easier.

    It also sounds like your flag is in excellent shape. Which is good. The price sounds like what one would play at an antique dealer or flea market. I think they go for a bit less on eBay but then they are in all sorts of conditions on eBay.
  5. Bizio

    Bizio New Member

    Thank you csaanv and coasterville for your answers.
    I was keen to know whether my flag was really of 1942 since I am a collector of US GI military firearms and gear of the WWII times, particularly 1942-1944 ages and, like in every collection, all items should be in a reasonable window of time.


    Thank you again.
  6. Bizio

    Bizio New Member

    I also read the FAQs at Valley Forge. Co website FAQ | Valley Forge Flag
    and I was addressed from there to another website Dave Martucci's Flag Pages
    I sent an email to Dave Martucci and I quote here his answer to my question :


    CDMCKY New Member

    I've bought 3 - 5' x 9.5' 48 star interment flags in near perfect condition for between $40 and $55 on Ebay
    in the past few months, and it's best to send the sellers an offer as soon as it's posted and does not have
    any bids yet; which will usually get you the best deal.
  8. Bizio

    Bizio New Member

    Thanks CDMCKY.

    Should I buy a flag for $50 at I should add about $40 for USPS Priority Mail Internationl Parcels service for delivery to Italy and a further 23-25% over the total amount being the custom duties when the item goes through Italian custom clearing process.
    That means about $112 but without chances to check the flag condition first.

    CDMCKY New Member

    Unfortunately for you your location adds a high price for your flags from shipping, however you should always
    make sure you get EXACT details about the condition of the flag, with specific descriptions of damaged and
    questionable areas regardless of location.

    Also, if there aren't sufficient photos of the flag to scrutinize the "damaged" areas I always ask for more before
    buying, AND all details given by the seller need to have specific descriptions and measurements in referencing
    holes, stains and other questionable areas. DON'T accept "it's about the size of my pinky" or other vague and
    ambiguous descriptions.

    AND as "vintage flags" are almost always yellowed, faded or "dulled" you should always ask if the photos given
    actually portray the true "colors" of the flag. It is VERY easy to make a beat all to heck, faded, yellowed, nasty
    looking vintage flag look REALLY good with just a few simple manipulations using photo software.

    I bought a 5' x 9.5' - 48 star flag from Ebay a few months ago and the seller only provided one photo [which
    looked pretty good], AND he had a NO RETURNS policy so I got specific assertions from the seller [about the
    condition of the flag] who assured me it was nice and it had no rips, holes or stains. I finalized the deal for $60
    total shipped.

    I got the flag several days later and on inspecting it I found 2 very noticeable stains and 26 HOLES, that's right
    I said 26 HOLES, ranging from 1/16" to 3/8". I immediately contacted the seller and informed him of the problem
    and he accused me of being a liar and trying to "rip him off"; after several back and forth emails he [basically]
    told me "tough", so I filed a report with Ebay Buyer Protection, and several days later I got a full refund and
    the cost for shipping the [crappy] flag back to him was also paid for by him.

    Now as I did document specific details which left nothing to question I had no problem making my "case" and
    getting my money back; had I not made sure I had emails with those details noted I might have been out of luck
    and stuck with a stained, ventilated flag.

    There are a lot of good flag deals on Ebay, and if you follow and stick to the above protocols you won't have any
    problems or disappointments.
  10. CDMCKY

    CDMCKY New Member

    I also bought a 45 star flag on Ebay for which the seller had not listed a specific size, so I contacted him and was told it was 5'9" x 9";
    when I got it the actual size was 59" x 9'; I settled for a $20 refund discount on the original price - DETAILS are an imperative.
  11. Bizio

    Bizio New Member

    Thank you for your tips and good suggestions, CDMCKY.

    I never bought a flag but I bought many other military items at in USA, including a complete M1 Garand rifle original WWII stock.
    I generally look at the seller feedbacks, reading also the negative and neutral ones, which even few, might be useful to understand how the seller is acting and working.
    I had only a bad purchase till now. I bought one bayonet scabbard WWII era and the seller sent me a poor quality item, the scabbard was bent and broken and not matching with the one shown in the auction pictures. I also realized that he was selling and shipping internationally at much higher price (about $40) an item which he was selling at his own web-site at about $8 in USA.
    I contacted him and I told him he sent me a terrible item and it was too expensive to ship it back to him, I also told him that I generally hate to leave negative feedbacks : he immediatly refunded me without asking me to ship back the item.

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