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  1. I have been trying to determine the proper etiquette for hanging a US and state flag from a vertical flag pole. This would be a flag pole in the shape of a "T" with the US flag on one side and a State flag on the other. I have looked through the flag code, but it does not seem to address this configuration.
  2. Hi there

    The type of pole you describe, the top part that is horizontal is called a YARDARM

    You would treat this as if there was a pole under each of the flags
    So you can refer to the flag code and use the bit that describes how to display the flag when there is 2 flags together to be displayed from 2 poles

    That is that the US flag would go to its own right (that is the viewers left as he looks at the flags and the building or they are infront of)

    US flag ======== state flag

    You have not mentioned whether the vertical part of the pole proceeds upward from the yardarm..

    If it does, then you can fly 3 flags.. Putting the US flag at the top in the middle. You could fly 2 US flags and a state flag/ other flag, like in the picture in the link below
  3. Thank you very much. I will go with the first option and hang the vertically from the "yardarm". If you want to see how it turns out, be sure and watch the USA vs Mexico soccer game on ESPN2 Feb 11th. Thanks again.
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    Just a minor technical nit-pick: The horizontal bar on a flag pole is actually called a "yard." The "yardarms" are the ends of the yard. The original purpose of yards was to support square-rigged sails, and they were also used on sailing ships as derricks for cargo-handling. The "yard and stay rig" on modern breakbulk freighters is a descendant of the latter.

    Peter Ansoff
  5. oh nice/. ty for the extra bit of infro Petwer - Always nice to learn new things!

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