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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by NickD, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. NickD

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    his is my very well used & repaired 48 star flag in need of some TLC :D





  2. NickD

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  3. NickD

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  5. csaanv

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    I think I have seen this flag on another site. Was it ever on the military collectables site?
  6. NAVA1974

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    That 48 looks like it was made in Europe.

    Nick A
  7. NickD

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    i belong to two other forums war relics forum & U.S. militaria forum :)
  8. NickD

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    theres no makers stamp or tag of any kind on it to show me where it was made is im not sure but what is it about it that has you thinking that ?
  9. NAVA1974

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    1) Wood toggle and roped heading. You never see that from U.S. flagmakers. When larger flags are made in the US with a roped heading they use metal rings / loops.

    2) Stars appear to be printed/dyed on wool. US flagmakers often dyed cotton, but rarely wool in the 20th Century. Sewn stripes with printed/dyed canton was very common in both the US and UK.

    My guess is that the flag was made in the U.K.

    Nick A
  10. NickD

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    cool thanks Nick for that info that's just made this flag even more special :D
  11. NAVA1974

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    Do you have any story regarding your flag? Did you get it from a veteran's family? Or like most of my flags, purchased from a dealer?

    Earlier I noted that flags were not often dyed on wool in the USA in the 20th century. There was one company that did it in the late 1800's. Here's a link to my 13-star resist-dyed Boat Flag made by the United States Bunting Company in Lowell, Massachusetts:
    13 Star Flag US Bunting Co, Lowell Mass - Size 6 Ensign | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    There's also a close-up photo of the heading showing the manufacturer's name:
    13 Star Flag US Bunting Co, Lowell Mass | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Nick A
  12. NickD

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    no story with the flag unfortunately, i won it off ebay some time ago pretty much all of the flags in my collection have come via this way.

    thanks for the link they're some seriously nice flags you have there :cool:
  13. Hey

    Nice flag - im sure ive seen it before as well- on ebay! I was watching it but I didnt bid on it in the end cos I saw something else I wanted instead!

    I also have a flag that was made in the UK - mine has a similer toggle and loop halyard and has the addition of a sewn fray- stopper on the fly end.

    My flag was made in Scotland



    I also have 2 others with toggles and ropes that I got last year at some car show, a guy sold them to me for £10 - they are printed on some kind of cotton material. The halyards on them have a lengthwise blue stripe on one side and a red on the other- an unusual feature!

  14. NickD

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    yeah it was on ebay got it for about £45 i think which is the most ive ever spent on one flag. great looking flags by the way :)
  15. The most I spent on one flag was £95 for the 10x15 cotton flag - half of that was the postage of it from Arizona to here in 2006!

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