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    My friend has his grandfather and fathers burial flags. They are in cases and tagged with a emblem. Question is he is the last of the family and has nowhere to keep them. What should happen to the 2 the flags?
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    Welcome to the Forum. To my knowledge there are no "rules" pertaining to what "should happen" to a veteran's memorial service flag. Only your friend can make that decision. You might inquire if either of these veterans related to your friend were members of a veterans service organization such as the VFW or the American Legion. There might be a possibility that the flag cases could find a welcome home honoring past members.

    This question has been addressed by others on this forum. There is a search box at the right hand top of the forum. Type in: burial flag to who? and click on search. I hope your friend can find a suitable solution while he is still alive. Following his death, his will should address what happens to these flag cases.

    Bill Jameson
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