Vexillology, a new word!

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    I am a Scout leader. Back when Scoutson (now all grown up, Eagle Scout, thank you) was a Cub, wife became the Director for our local Cub Scout Day Camp, and my official title became "First Assistant Everything Else " . It was (and is ! No sense retiring now,,,,) a mucho fun thing. Among other topics, over the years, I have handled Scout Skills (knots, ropes), compass & map, nature, 'leave no trace', archery and,,,, Flag Etiquette. "Here's a new word to impress your girlfriend: VEXILLOLOGY ." I make the Cubs say it a few times, and when I met them in the Safeway , they look up at me and yell "VEXILLOLGY ! !"
    Halyard end, quadrants, fly end, field, Union, They learn the jargon. And this was WAY before BBTheory…
    I do a Flag contest at camporees now: Patrol has a choice of folding up a small (5x8) US flag or a BIG (12x25) flag for points in the competition. Points off for TALKING (gotta do it silent), touching ground, showing red at the finish, wrong shape (not equilateral, but right isosceles), over time (only five minutes !) and then the trivia contest for extra points... It's all fun.

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