VFW Order of Precedence For POW/MIA Flag Display

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    I recently discovered a National VFW brochure which contains the official VFW protocol for flying the POW/MIA flag with the U.S. and other flags. The brochure is titled VFW POW/MIA Awareness Brochure found at the following link:


    When the brochure opens up, scroll down to page 5 to find the section titled Order of Precedence in the Display of the POW/MIA Flag. It states the following:

    "It is VFW protocol, since the POW/MIA flag is considered a federal banner, that the POW/MIA flag has precedence over all other flags flying on the same pole beneath the U.S. flag. In a line of march, the POW/MIA flag is carried to the immediate left of the U.S. flag. VFW views the POW/MIA issue as a matter of national importance first, thereby giving the POW/MIA flag a position of prominence."
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    Thank You, FlagAdvocate!

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