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    There is an unusual flag display at a local VFW Post in my home town. It consists of a tall center flag pole flying the US flag. Behind the US flag are 5 lower flag poles of equal height in a semi-circle flying the 5 military service flags, from left to right: Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps. In front of the US flag pole are 2 flag poles lower than the military service flags which fly the POW/MIA flag on the left and the PA State flag on the right.

    What is unusual is that the military service flags may be out of order, the PA state flag is subordinate to the military service flags, and because of its position, also subordinate to the POW/MIA flag . What could you recommend to improve on this display? Keep in mind, it is VFW protocol that the POW/MIA flag has precedence over all other flags flying beneath the US flag (VFW POW/MIA Awareness Brochure, page 5-Order of Precedence in the Display of the POW/MIA Flag). I'm considering a recommendation to the Post Commander, but before that I'd like some input from this forum.
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    It has been some time since I posted this issue without comment or reflection from forum members, so I contacted Ms. Tammy Beauchamp at the National VFW Headquarters for guidance. She informed me that she has sent this flag arrangement issue to the PA VFW HQ so they can contact their local VFW Post (The LeRoy O. Buck VFW Post 7863 in Duboistown, Pa.)

    This is yet another case in which a flag display has remained unchanged since it was first installed some 20 or more years ago. Perhaps the PA VFW will be able to recommend a more suitable arrangement consistent with established flag protocol. I'll keep this forum posted if that comes about.
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    In the case of the unusual flag display at VFW Post 7863 in Duboistown, Pa., Tammy Beauchamp at the National VFW HQ responded by forwarding my email to the Pennsylvania VFW HQ and asked that their local VFW Post be contacted for a more appropriate flag display protocol. The result is that the five military service flags have been rearranged according to DOD Directive 1005.8 but the POW/MIA and Pa State flags remain at the bottom of the display. See photo attached. I will attempt to inquire why and keep the forum informed if there are further changes.
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    Good news...this VFW Post flag display has recently been revised. The POW/MIA flag has been raised to just beneath the US flag, and the lowest two flag poles now fly the National VFW flag and the VFW Post flag. The Pa state flag has been removed. The blue National VFW flag on the lower left is temporary until a smaller outdoor all weather flag can be installed. I'm proud to have played a part in this long over due revision.
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    Looks MUCH better now!

    Too bad about "losing" the Pennsylvania State Flag, though.
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    Yes. Unfortunately, there isn't enough room for the PA flag to fly with the US and POW/MIA flags and still be above the military service flags.

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