Vincent J Spelman & Co 48 star flag

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  1. NunoGTI

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    Hi, im new here.
    I have aquired this flag weeks ago.
    Its original and i believe its pre ww2 period, due to the material.
    Its very thin and fragil, the stars are sewn and it has stamps right above the maker tag but are unreadable.
    The only stamp i can read its 4x6.
    I would like to have some thoughts on it.

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  2. NunoGTI

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    One more photo.

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  3. NAVA1974

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    Helo Nuno,
    Thank you for the clear photographs. I agree that your wool flag with cotton stars is probably from the WW II era or earlier. Although cotton bunting had been used for flags since at least the early 20th C, wool flag production seems to have dropped off by the 1950's - cotton and nylon were the two most competative flag fabrics until the adavent of spun polyester flags in the 1980's (Annin tried a wool and nylon combination in the 60's or 70's but it never made it big.)
    You can see what these flags are selling for on eBay if you go to:
    48 star flag wool | eBay
    then click on the line in the left column of the website that says "completed auctions." You may have to be an eBay member to see that. When I did that I saw about 40 wool flags with 48 stars, but not all of them sold. The ones that did sell got bids from about $12 to over $170, so there is quite a range of prices.
    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland

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