Vintage Georgia State flag, Inverted center star??

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Why is the center star on early Georgia state flags inverted?

  1. Manufacturing design choice

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  2. Did have standards for the Battle flag design until 1960’s

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  1. Glenn Davis

    Glenn Davis New Member

    I have something that is bothering the heck out of me and maybe someone can help.

    I have a grouping of old GA flags from the 1956 design. I have some Annin and Dettra or Dura-Lite flags from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and all have an upright center star.

    I know that all of the reproductions that are available today have a wrong state seal design in that the flag manufacturers are using the redesigned state seal from the Barns designed state flag from 2002-2003. These 12x18 flags have the proper state seal that was designed in the middle 1950’s. They have a canvas bunting and silk or very fine/soft nylon for the flag. The colors are very deep just like the 1950’s early 1960’s state flags. The only marking is Georgia 12x18. I know that these are period flags and not reproductions.

    Anyway, I know that it’s a legitimate design because the 1956 design GA state flag that went to Vietnam that’s in the GA archives has an inverted center star all of the early post cards from the state and brochures from the state from the late 1950’s have the state flag with inverted center stars.

    I have seen early Mississippi state flags with an inverted center star as well.

    OK here are my questions:

    1) Why is the center star inverted ( upside down)?
    2) Why did this change to an upright star?
    3) Was this determined by flag makers only and why did flag makers all go to the same design at the same time?

    If anyone knows please help.

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