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Discussion in 'US Flags on Uniforms and Clothing' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Is is noted that as a boy scout i wish the leaders of scouting would...
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    Hi Harry! First of all, thanks for your service to our country. Marines hold a special place in my heart, and I admire anyone who can make it through that basic training! My AF basic training was six weeks...before you fall off your chair laughing, here is my answer to your question about the fringed American flag.

    It is my understanding that American flags with fringe are exclusively for decorative display, such as in an office or somewhere similar to that. When marching in a parade, the flag should not have any sort of fringe or other flare added to it.

    I hope that helps.
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    Just a side note - there's a reason the flag is "backward" on the left sleeve, and in my opinion it should not be changed. The flag symbolizes movement. If you imagine holding a flag on a pole and rushing toward the enemy, the blue is closest to you, pointing to the front, and the stripes are behind. This is the reason military (and boy scout) uniforms display the flag backwards - the US does not retreat.

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    Being an American Legion Member we wear the left shoulder flag on our dress blues and on our shirts. We feel as former service member of all branches of service, that it is our way to show our pride in our country.
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    Thank you all for the information - We are changing our uniform shirts and adding the flag on the sleeve. I did not want to disrespect the flag and I have found all the information helpful
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    I work at the Post Office, and am one of the few mailhandlers who uses my clothing allowance for actual uniform shirts (since mailhandlers are not directly in contact w/ the public, uniforms are not required). I like to wear sleeve flags on my work shirts and jackets (my insulated vest has a small flag over the heart). I've had discussions w/ fellow workers who had spent time in the military, and they informed me the flag was properly displayed on the right arm. But this contradicted my understanding that the blue field of the flag should be toward the front of anything which is in motion (go to the airport; any plane moving from left to right will have a "backwards" flag on it). I solved my problem by using "backwards" patches; i.e. flags which have the blue field on the right side. This way I can wear my flags so that they are on the "right" arm, and are facing the correct way.
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    I belong to a sports officiating group, we are wearring the american flag on the back of the shirt. I think it should be on the sleeve or on the front above the pocket. Is there a reference for this.e
  8. thread, this is aquestion not a reply...i am a member of a motorcycle org

    with a military background. We display an american flag on the top left (above the heart) of our vests. the problem is that some of our members
    are returning Iraq veterans. over there the army wore their flag on the
    right shoulder. after returning the removed their "combat" flag and then
    affixed it to the same position as the rest of us. in doing this they display
    their patch "backward" is this proper?

    thank you


    p.s. I'm a three time VIETNAM VETERAN
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    Becoming an U . s . Legion Participant we use your quit make hole in the gown blues in addition to in the shirts. Many of us really feel as former service person in many twigs regarding service, that it is the strategy to present the delight in this region.
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    The "fringe" is not "flare." The fringe designates that THAT flag is actually "Colors," as opposed to a plain flag. "Colors" are used in offices and at events. At events the Official Color Guard posts the Colors. Also, one does not salute or render honors to a flag, but DOES to the "Colors." Six paces before they pass to six paces after they pass.
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