Were there 52 states?

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  1. quacubimp

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    1) The flag has 13 stripes. Does each stripe represent a specific original state? If so, which stripe for which state?
    Does it go in the order in which the original 13 colonies joined the union? Would that start from the bottom or the top?

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  2. NAVA1974

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    The stripes and stars represent the states collectively. No one star represents any one state. No one stripe represents any one of the original 13 states. Some patriotic books of the early 20th illustrated the flag with a state for each star and a colony for each stripe, but this was bogus.
  3. Bwaiting

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    I think the reason you see American flags with 52 stars is because they are made outside the us by people who think that's how many states are in the u. S.
  4. ruellesmith

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    You may be right that people somehow count the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to come up with "52 states." Of course, the USA also has four other territories besides Puerto Rico: The US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands. The citizens of the 5 territories do not vote in US presidental elections, but they have party primaries.
  5. Being an Icelander, I can verify the previously stated fact in this thread: The myth of 52 US states is pretty widespread here in Iceland, at least among a certain age group (I was born in 1972). An small unofficial poll here in Iceland showed 54.1% of the people thought there were 52 states in USA. I'm not sure whether inaccurate school books are to blame or if this misunderstanding stems from wrong information passing from person, creating a partially nationwide error on the subject.
  6. Peter Ansoff

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    Welcome, Jonas! The "52 states" is certainly an interesting mystery. I could certainly understand that people in other nations might not know how many US states there are -- I doubt that many Americans could tell you how many Lander there are in Germany, or even how many provinces in Canada. However, it is very strange that so many fix on the specific number of 52.
  7. James Fly

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    I'm British and educated in rural England. In the 70's we were definitely taught that there were 52 states in The USA.

    Even now, many years later, I have to double check and debunk that so-called fact (that's why I am here, wondering if the US used to have 52 states) . I wonder why so many people got it so wrong.
  8. Union Jack

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    It's a long time ago that I was at school in the UK but I can't recall being taught the US having 52 States. It's strange but 52 States does sit comfortable with me so perhaps 2 more States might emerge in the near future.


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