What is my flag worth?

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    Hi guys
    am new to the forum and posting from the UK.

    I am a serving member of the Royal Navy and have recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan.

    Whilst on tour I conducted a lot of work with the NCIS. At the end of my tour the Special Agents all paraded in my bosses office and presented me with a US flag and certificate. The certificate is signed by the 2 leading Special Agents based at Camp Leatherneck. The flag was flown above the NCIS office Afghanistan on my behalf ( states this on the certificate )

    During the presentation the Lead Agent explained that in the entire history of the NCIS they have never presented a flag to anyone apart from the family of the brave Agents killed in the line of duty. So this is a one off that had to be approved the the director of the NCIS.

    It sits in a frame above my fireplace and is a main talking point of people visiting.

    Due to the fact this is a one off flag presented by the NCIS i wondered what it should be insured for if it ever got damaged.

    Thanks for reading
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    Wow! What a honor. I would love to see it. It would be hard to put a dollar amount on something like that which has much more personal value than market value. Thank you for your service.
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    Good ideas man

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