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    I'm doing some graphics on the flag, can anyone tell me the official shades of the blue and red of the flag?
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    can anyone tell me the official shades of the blue and red of the flag?

    The government procurement specification for American flags (DDDF416) defines the colors as "Old Glory Red" and "Old Glory Blue" as defined in the Standard Color Reference of America, 10th Edition. I believe that the most commonly used Pantone equivalents are PMS 193C for red and PMS 282C for blue.

    Many people are surprised by how dark the official flag colors are compared to, say, the ones used in the British flag. The red, in particular, can actually look slightly purple in some lighting conditions. ​

    Peter Ansoff​
  3. i took some pics of some of my flags today and had ready this post prior to doing that

    this 1st pic is of the star section of my 5x 9,5 official G-SPEC US flag u can see the blue shade here!
    there is my 8ft 11 3/8x17ft flag again a G SPEC official flag maker - CF flag co
    theres one of it again witha larger portion of stripes

    here is another one of my G-SPEC flags this one is 2ft 4 - 7/16 x 4ft 6
    it is in somewhat a ragged state as it flew in Kosovo at a US army base
    there u can see the blue and red of the flag - the white is a little creamy colored i gues from wear and tear/ age
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  4. [​IMG]
    closer shot of that flag

    next to my fringed indoor flag

    these two flags are exactly the same width/ lengh both 5 x 9,5 ft

    they are lined up at the to aswell - notice the difference in size of the cantons the left flag has a longer canton
    next notice the difference in the color of the blues

    the left side flag is the G SPEC flag made by Vlalley Forge its Nylon - as are all 3 of my G SPEC flags the flag on the right is Annin and Co Cotton Bunting
    see how small the stars are on the Annin flag - i see they were cutting back on materials to produce a flag cheaper for the average american wallet- but at the same time making these symbols of the states smaller!
    the stars on the left are what they should be STUNNING!

    heres a closer up of the 2 fags - can also see a clear diffference in the shades of reds used here also
  5. [​IMG]
    these are my 2 large flags
    they are almost the same size (10 x 15ft and 8ft 11 3/8 x 17ft) in square feet but again see the difference in the size of the stars and how spaces they are on the flags
    the 10x15 stars are embroidered beautifully though
    the stars on teh G SPEC flag these are appliqued and made of a material unknown to me

    thems my latest pics anyway hope u can see the differences good now
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    Greetings All, and as this is my first post, Greetings All once again!

    This is why the VF G-SPEC line is my hands-down favourite. They do make the G-SPEC in cotton in corresponding sizes as well. Whilst the cotton versions are outstanding, the 70D nylon G-SPEC is simply luxurious!

    I've noticed that some of my originally made 48 and 50 star cotton and wool US and WWII-era Navy Jack flags feature a navy blue field so dark they almost appear black -- it's comforting to know that the G-SPEC blue is the standard now, however.
  7. yes!!! - i made this post quite some time ago as you can see by the dates on them...

    i have since increased my flag collection by quite a a considerable amount!

    i have 1 more G spec flag - a small one the same size as that damaged flag shown in the pictures
    i also have a 50 star g spec navy jack- and its so gorgoeus!
    (ill get a pic next week)

    i have not gotten a cotton g spec flag... it would definatly be a welcome addition to my US flag collection (which has hit 3 figures this last week!)

    my 70d nylon 9x17ft flag is so great! i really love it and i hope one day to see that flag fly!- there s no pole big enough around here!

    i am getting a telescoping 24ft pole but that wont be big enough either!
    im hoping to fly my 5x9.6 G spec flag on that pole.

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