What to do about ripped flag???

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Neighbor, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Neighbor

    Neighbor New Member

    Someone in our neighborhood is flying a faded ragged looking partially ripped American flag on a flag pole in front of their house. I was wondering if anyone here knows what I can do about this. Should I buy them a nice flag, and knock on their door to give it to them? If it is some sort of political statement they are trying to make, is it legal for them to fly a flag in such awful condition, and is there anyone who I should report this to? I drive by there daily, and seeing it is bothering me.
  2. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    Greetings, Neighbor!

    Your neighbor might be making a political statement, but my guess it's just neglect. It is sadly common to see torn, faded flags on houses, cars, etc. The really frustrating thing is that most of those people actually think they're being patriotic. And no, there's nothing illegal about what they're doing. You can always try giving them a replacement flag, but unless you already know them it's hard to predict what their reaction will be.
  3. Neighbor

    Neighbor New Member

    Thanks Peter! The rest of their yard looked pretty neglected as well, so maybe they are being patriotic! :)
  4. Neighbor

    Neighbor New Member


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  5. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    I'd be nice and give 'em a new Flag.
  6. FlagAdvocate

    FlagAdvocate Member

    I concur with Robin, and it would also be nice if you would offer to take their old torn flag to either the local Scouts, VFW or American Legion so that it could be properly retired ceremoniously.

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