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    Where would someone go in Michigan for a reputable appraisal? I have a 13 star flag I've had for almsot 40 years. Pic is attached. Thanks

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  2. csaanv

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    Do you have any paper work or know the provenance?
  3. thehumanzoom

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    Thanks for replying.I purchased the flag in an antique shop in Ontario Canada around 1971. They had it displayed on the wall and told me they purchased an estate in upstate New York years before. They found this flag in a chest with old material and linen's. I have kept it since then it is wrapped in an acid free linen that is kept in my safe which is in a smoke free home. I take it out occasionally and roll it in a different direction. I haven't touched it with a bare hand in years.

    It has 13 stars and thirteen stripes the stitching is very tight sewn I believe an early sewing machine (everyone seems to agree with that). The stars are on both sides with some hand stitching on the end tabs that it is flown from. It appears to have been flown due to a little wear on the outside edge/corners. One side is a little more faded which I believe came from displaying it in the antique shop. I have had it looked at but not by anyone I would consider an expert. The people at Dumochelle's (I hope the spelling is right) in Detroit looked at it maybe ten years ago and were quite interested in auctioning it but could not give me any ideas on value. I'm hoping to get a value and possibly sell it. And this site seems to have some good people on board. Everyone who looks at it seems to think 1850-1870 is the age range. But that is their opinion and like I said no one seemed to be an expert.

    I believe it is in that range from what I have seen and read but I am certainly not an expert either.

    So I'm looking for some help and if I sell it I would like it to go to the right home.

    Thanks again
  4. NAVA1974

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    I don't know of any dealers / appraisers in Michigan, but I would suggest you send a photo to Jeff Bridgman in Pennsylvania (see Jeff Bridgman American Antiques and Antique American Flags) and ask him his charge for a formal appraisal.


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