when is it proper to stand? and for what song(s)?

Discussion in 'Other US Patriotic Songs' started by Bill Hallett, May 22, 2014.

  1. Bill Hallett

    Bill Hallett New Member

    In recent weeks, two occasions have caused me pause and I’m looking for the right answer.

    Both ceremonies contained flags, commemoration, etc, but my concern or question comes with patriotic music.

    I grew up that we always stood for the National Anthem. Growing up in Maryland near Baltimore, it was a strong bit of pride for me as Ft. McHenry was a favorite place.

    However, recently in both events I was witness to, I’ve seen an organizer ask people to stand for “God Bless America.â€￾ I suppose you can stand for other songs, but is it required to stand for other patriotic songs?


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