When to put your hand over your heart...?

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    It's a salute if military at first note of National Anthem.) It is my understanding a US Code was recently amended to state that military could salute even if not in uniform. Anytime the flag is in motion (parade or being raised or lowered) it's stand still, face the flag or the direction of where the flag is being lowered or raised with hand over heart or salute. In California we were taught flag etiquette in school. Of course I graduated from high school in 1959. Today they probably don't teach U.S. History and Government or anything else regarding our culture or proper etiquette. Part of proper flat etiquette is to stand out of respect when flags of other countries are presented but not put our hands over our hearts. Hats should be removed - there's also a code of etiquette regarding hats, but men today don't seem to be aware of it.
    We were taught in school that at the sound of the bugle of the flag raising, we were to stop walking if we were in motion, to turn in the direction of the flagpole (even if we couldn't see it), put our hands over our hearts, and there remain until the bugle stopped and then continue on with what we were doing. If I'm walking through the parking lot of the baseball stadium and hear the National Anthem, that's what I do there also. I put my hand over my heart and don't continue walking until the Anthem is finished. It's nice to have these lovely customs; something we all have in common. Whatever one's policy beef is, the flag shouldn't come into it. Our flag is the symbol of our country. Every country has one, I believe. No matter what someone protesting or pretending to protest it doesn't rise as high as the flag because the flag belongs to all of us, and the protest belongs to the protesters and has nothing to do with the rest of us. People who use the flag to draw attention to themselves or some perceived wrong is doing just that, USING IT. It's just because they know people are sensitive about the flag, and it's a way to get the most attention they can with the least amount of effort. If they were serious about their causes, they'd find for effective ways to right the perceived wrongs, but that might take a little effort. Kneeling during the National Anthem is a cheap and lazy way to appear to be doing something, when they're actually doing nothing but making more people loathe them than appreciate what they're doing. Or, I should say, not doing.

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