Where can I get an Indoor flag w/ Pole for my room?

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by Ryan.Welch, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Ryan.Welch

    Ryan.Welch New Member

    Hi I am new to this site. My name is Ryan and I am a student at the University of North Carolina. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a small US Flag with a Pole for my room. I want to decorate the room with all USA items. I already have the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and pictures of all the presidents. Also, i am a college student so I am on a tight budget lol, I was looking to spend around $20...

    Thanks and God bless America!

  2. ahh yes - youve forgotten the Statue of Liberty off your list!!
  3. Ryan.Welch

    Ryan.Welch New Member

    Thats a good idea!!! I didn't even think to put the Statute of Liberty in my room. Thank you! I'm going to now!
  4. great... wanna see mine??

    here she is- all 7ft 5 of her- with me stood next to her


    but really... if your not quite AS MAD as me about all this stuff.. lol- you could always find a small statuette, or a poster / picture to put on your wall.... you can see my smaller statuette on my computer desk where she stands
    I would like to see the pictures when youve done it!
  5. Ryan.Welch

    Ryan.Welch New Member

    OMG! Wow i am really impressed! Yea i dont think i have enough room for that big of a statue! Geez i wish! But i really like the smaller statue on your desk. How much is that and where can i get it? And yes i will deff post up pictures of my room when i am finished.
  6. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Okay, here is how to do it on a budget.

    I am using a pole from one of those discount store flag sets, it's about in your price range, and I may be cheating as the pole leans against the wall instead of in a stand, but it does have a nice look. I did go with a better lag with sewn stars and stripes and everything, which will run you about $25 more. To do the indoor flag thing all the way, the gold fringed flags will run you quite a bit more.


    That is setup next my computer desk, just like you would see in an office.
  7. Ryan.Welch

    Ryan.Welch New Member

    Coasterville, thats exactly what i wanted! Yours looks so nice. Ugh! I hate being a poor college student! lol if I spend too much on this flag I wont be able to afford to eat this week haha. Fortunately my girlfriend is coming up to visit me for Christmas and she said she will buy me some things for my room. Yay!
  8. The small statue on my desk cost me £30 ($45) from ebay .

    Don't be put off though- Colbar Art do a more budget statuette for people less willing or able to spend more on them
    Here is one SIMILER to mine
    http://www.everythingnyc.com/statoflib.html- she is jus slighly smaller than mine
  9. mattsaccount

    mattsaccount Member

    Did you ever buy one? Unfortunately, for $20, you're going to have to make quite a few compromises.

    Things to look at if you haven't bought one:
    - Type of base. Does it look any good? One that has a nice finish looks good but costs more.
    - Type of staff. Wood? Or aluminum? Wood looks better but costs more.
    - Type of flag. Sewn stripes/embroidered stars? Or printed? The former looks better, but costs more.
    - Fringed? That's extra.
    - Flag material. Nylon looks good. Rayon looks the best, but costs more.
    - Type of finial. Good ones cost more.

    I'm also a college student with a 3x5' flag set, and I recently upgraded to an all-rayon one that looks really neat. (I can post pics if interested). But, the mounting set plus flag was probably around $250.

    You might consider just buying the flag and hanging it on the wall, as you'll be able to do that for much less money. You could even request a flag from your senator or representative that's flown over the capitol in DC--at least then you'd have a story to tell about it :) These are also around $20, but you get only the flag. But, if you really want one of the stand-up variety, at least be aware of the kinds of things to look at before buying something.
  10. yEA, MY FLAG SET COST ME $200, in 2006.

    I got it from a speciallist flag shop in St Louis MO
    It is nylon, sewn stars and stripes, with a rayon fringe
    Has a very shiny lookin brass eagle finial, and also the pole is brass (or made to look like brass)
    it is an 8ft pole, (but we took off half a foot off the bottom cos it didn't quite fit in the house)
    The base for is is plastic I think, that has been sprayed gold.
    It is rather light but I asked for that on purpose because I was carting it round 8 states before bringing it back to the UK.
    There in a small hole underneath, in case I wanted to put something inside to weight it, but its pretty sturdy without anything in it.


    It is in this picture as you see at the left side- the pic was taken late 2006. If you think thats alot of flags, its not in comparison to how many I have now hehe
  11. mattsaccount

    mattsaccount Member

    Yeah, that kind of base seems common and is the kind I have. I filled mine with sand. You can also buy "pre-weighted" ones, but these are both more expensive to begin with, and more expensive to ship. Buying locally at least removes the shipping cost.

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