where is half mast?

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  1. alaskalani

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    In displaying a flag at half mast, where is this point in relation to the flag?
    Is the bottom of the flag a half mast, which I have heard, or the center or the top?

    I have read that half mast is the halfway point between the peak of the pole and the cleat. So,what does one do when there is a yard arm with other flags which is higher than half mast? Lower the other flags, or bring the US flag down to the point where the bottom of the flag meets the yardarm?

    Thanks, alaskalani
  2. NAVA1974

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    According to America's first vexillologist, Dr.Whitney Smith, the original half mast position was one flag width from the top, symbolizing "death's invisible flag" in a victorious position. If you fly a flag that is properly proportioned to the height of the pole, to lower it any further gets the flag flapping so close to the ground that it looks strange.

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