Where Is It Permissable To Place A New Flag Pole In A Private Yard?

Discussion in 'Flag Poles' started by KEVIN JACQUES, Mar 4, 2009.


    KEVIN JACQUES New Member

    My wife just ordered a flag pole for me as a gift. I want to place it in front of my home. Is there any protocol as to it's placement with respect to the main building? I would like to center it on the front door. Is this an acceptable practice?
  2. NAVA1974

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    There is no 'protocol' so to speak regarding the location of a ground mounted flag pole. However, you may get some useful aesthetic advice by contacting an architectural firm.
  3. coasterville

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    Don't forget to take into account utilities, both above and below ground when selecting a spot for your new flagpole. Also, take into account any guidelines in your building codes and, if applicable, homeowners association bylaws.

    Once you are clear with utilities, your city/county, and homeowner's association, its pretty much up to you. I have seen some real nice settings with either a flowerbed or a classic white picket fence around the flag. (Just remember to give yourself a path to the pole so you can raise/lower the flag without too much difficulty.)

    Some other things to bear in mind - the 'operating envelope' - once you determine the right size flag for your pole (see your local flag dealer for guidelines on sizing) measure out from your proposed location to see if thee will be any trees (even limbs), telephone/electric poles, parts of your house, etc. that the flag could get tangled with.

    Also if you are going to install night illumination, figure out where the light unit is going, and i it will run off of house power, how you will be running the lines.

    (Disclaimer: I haven't done any of this myself. I live in a residential area with lots of trees, sloped front lawns etc, nobody else in the neighborhood has gone the in ground pole route, so as much as I'd love it, I just don't see it fitting asthetically with my block. )
  4. Cimerron

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    Hi Keven;
    I'm a new member and I sell flags and flag poles. The points listed here are all good ones and in particuler keep the pole away from any trees or power lines and anything else that the flag or the pole might touch. As for where to place the pole I wouldn't think it would'nt look too good lined up with your front door. Looking at it from the street the door would be bisected by the pole and that's not really a good thing.
    However I would try and put it somewhere where I could see it from inside the house while I was sitting in my favorite chair. Anybody can see it if they are outside but personally I would like to be able to see it from inside too. Front yards are good for a pole but back yards are ok too. Anywhere you want to put it is up to you and I doubt you would find many rules about this for residential use.
    Let us know what you decide and post a picture of it when you have the job completed. Pete

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