WWI or Earlier ?

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    Hello All,

    I just purchased this Beauty. - Received today & was pleasantly surprised. An early 48, but possibly a 45 with added Stars. All sewn ( Huge )measuring 10' x 20' The size is stamped 20 followed by a Maltese Cross ? Maker marked Andrew Mills. 53 South St. NY. - I found they were in business from late 19th to early 20th century. I do not know what material this is I read that this maker used Flax & also made canvas Sails.- I believe this flag to be Military used - Sewn on the header is 6 Military snaphooks - I recognize these snaphooks as being used from the 1870's to around WWI on Sword hangers and such, but never seen them on a flag. Also thimbles have been added with hand hammered copper rivets that have stars on them & sewn ends. I also believe that 3 stars were added , the sewing is different on the 3 closest to the header and the material is brighter. There is also some writing on the header, But I cannot make it out. I just wanted to share & ask for others input - Military ? Navy ? My28002.jpg 100_0739 (250x188).jpg My28014.jpg 100_0732 (250x188).jpg 100_0741 (250x188).jpg
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    I came across a flag vary simular to this one earlier this week while flag hunting. It was 8'x12', sewn stars/stripes, and had those same attachment points. Printed on the hoist was "Phila. Q.M. Depot". It was a crisp beautiful flag with no defects what so ever. I would say barely flown. Unfortunatley the price was too rich for my blood.;)
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    I've seen the Philadelphia Quarter Master Depot Flags - Most of them date WWII and have three rivets, Not ruling that out though. I saw your recent staggered row 48 star Flags. Good Find, That's what I was looking for when I snagged this one. I have searched all over the internet including this forum & find several explanations for the 48 star staggered rows. Early 1912, Even pre 1912, If you look there's one on a site dated 1900 supposedly with documentation. I've seen post cards & photo's from 1909 to 1920 with them. Some say a few were made after the Spanish American War era to include Territories. I wish I knew the answer. Personally I have special feelings for the 48 star, She flew in a time of great Patriotism.

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