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  1. DCAggie97

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    I have a flag given to my Grandmother. My Grandfather's plane was shot down in December 1944 and his body was never recovered so I don't think this is a burial flag as it does not seem to be the burial size. It is approximately 78 inches by 40 inches and from (I think) 1945. It is cotton with the 48 stars. My Dad gave it to me last week and I would like to display it. My question is what is the best way to display the flag and how should it be cleaned? I was thinking I could buy a flag shadow box but they are typically for flags (3X5 or 9X5) so I don't know if it will fit in either. Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Would you consider flying it atop a Flag pole or something else? I, myself, would probably encase it within a glass case. As far as cleaning it, I would take it to a dry cleaner you trust, or maybe just soak it in some woolite.

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