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    I just attended my yacht club's opening day ceremony....
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    Whose Right?


    I actually can't find any reference to which "right" is right when you might be approaching a flag from two different directions. I think the right way would be to have the American flag on the right from the perspective that it is most commonly viewed, but you could argue either way when people are approaching first in their cars and later in their boats.

    But it seems to me if most people come upon the flags first from the land side that your club is right to have the flag on the right from the point of view of the facilities. In any case I don't think anyone's going to call them unpatriotic because the flag can't always be on the right from every point of view.

    As to the issues of the burgee flying higher than the flag, the U.S. Flag Code says that no flag should be higher than the U.S. flag, whether it is on the same halyard or a different one. (This is in section 175, subsection F.) And the American flag should always be raised first and lowered last. I hope this helps!

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    Understanding a yacht club flagpole

    A yacht club flagpole is representative of the flag configuration on a ship. The pole that comes out at an angle is called the gaff. It represents the stern of the ship. If you stand under the gaff and look at the main pole, port is on your left and starboard on your right. Remember, the bow, stern, port and starboard never change on a ship regardless of your orientation. Once you grasp this concept, the ensign is flying from the stern, just as it should by tradition hundreds of years old. The burgee flies from the masthead. Flags such as SOPA, Commodore, VC Commodore and Rear Commodore fly from the starboard spreader. Fleet signals such as race postpone, report ashore, etc. fly from the port spreader.
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    Thanks for the clarification!

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    another burgee issue

    BTW, the question periodically arises within our membership of what flag should be where on the flagpole to acknowledge the death of a member.

    As covered in other forums on this site as well as numerous other web sites, the ensign should remain at the block (i.e. fully raised).

    We fly the club burgee at half-mast the first full day following the death of the member. The day of the funeral/memorial service, the club burgee remains fully raised. We fly a small burgee on the port spreader. Under this burgee are the code flags for the member's initials. At the end of the day the burgee is taken down, framed and given to the family of the deceased.
  6. What is the proper crossed burgee protocol when a yacht club hosts a challenging yacht club. Crossed club burgees are to be placed on caps, shirts, jackets and other items. Does the host burgee go on the right or left side of the crossed burgees? If anyone knows, what is the logic for the positioning of the burgees?
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    I am looking for the history of the sailing burgee. What side port or starboard of sail boat.
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    I am looking for information on a flag, triangle, blue back ground, white star in red thin cross. ON a set of glasses.
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    When crossing the host yacht club burgee with that of a visiting club or an officer, the host burgee is always on the left with its staff on top of the staff of the visiting club or officer.

    If crossing the staffs of an American flag and a yacht club burgee, the American flag is on the left and its staff is on top of the burgee's staff.

    The US Flag code calls for the American flag to "be on the right, its own right" which translates to it being on the left. (Its as if the flag were a person looking out at you, it would be on the right of all other flags.)
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    The burgee on the set of glasses sounds as though it might be from the New York Yacht Club. Go to their web site to see their burgee displayed
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    Hi, AJC !!!

    Does the New York Yacht Club Burgee look like either of these ??? :confused:



    I've never seen one, so I "Googled" it. :D

    Robin Hickman

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