Yet Another Newbie With A 40 Star Flag

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by sgtbobvila, May 26, 2009.

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    Hang onto your hat for this tall tail:

    About 11-years-ago, my wife and I purchased an 1890 fixer upper that needed a complete renovation prior to moving in. We started tearing out the walls, down to the bare bones, and ran into a treasure trove of “turn-of-the-centuryâ€￾ items left behind by the original owner. The items consisted of over 150 bottles, newspapers, ceramic wheels, etc.

    Above one of the windows, hanging from the business end of a siding nail, was a rolled up piece of material. I took it down and unrolled it only to discover that it is a small 40 star flag (what I guess is considered a parade flag). My wife liked it so much that she had it mounted by a person certified to mount historical items.

    We have no idea of its value and don’t know if it would deem having it appraised and put on the homeowner’s insurance policy. Would anyone be able to help out with a value and/or where/how to have it appraised?

    We would appreciate any help!
  2. sgtbobvila

    sgtbobvila New Member

    Forgot to mention the measures approximately 17 1/2 inches wide by 11 3/4 inches tall.
  3. sgtbobvila

    sgtbobvila New Member

    OK...I spelled "tale" wrong too!:(
  4. oooh wowee Nice find!! I wish I could have a house where I just happened to find such fabulous examples of history!

    I love this flag... The star pattern is the 'standard' for a 40 star flag (7 6 7 7 6 7) but what makes it cool is the fact the stars spin in all different directions, in a random fashion. These are called Dancing stars!
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    Hello sgtbobvila: Indeed, a nice find. 40-star flags are uncommon but they can be found. I have two: one is similar in size and manufacture to yours (see picture below) and the other is a larger printed wool flag. Although 40's are scarce, they rarely sell for more than similar size Civil War era flags, so we are talking about $500 to $1500 bids on eBay for example (double or triple that for a framed example sold in a fancy antique shop.) As far as the star pattern goes, it is the same as the other printed 40-star parade flags I have seen, but there were no standards for star patterns (which is why american_flag_uk put "standard" in quotes.) Obviously the parade flags were made by more than one manufacturer as there are distinct differences in the star shape and orientation and the ink colors between yours and the one below. I have no idea how my flag was stored for the last 120 years but it was rolled on its stick as can be seen by the evenly spaced damage on the central white stripes. Make sure the backing material that your flag is on is acid-free, and keep it out of direct sunlight.


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